All About Roman Jewelry

06 Jan

Romans jewelry is one of the ancient known crafts that existed on the earth. Rome was among the greatest kingdoms along with Egypt and Greece. But Romans were known for their unique jewelry designs. The history of ancient Roman jewelry descents from a long time ago in the classical period. It was derived from Etruscan and Hellenistic jewelry in the starting times. With time Romans became unique and started designing their jewelry form rubies, pearl, sapphires, topazes, and emeralds. There were several products that were crafted in the roman jewelry. They all come in different regions. Some of the include necklaces, crafted earrings, and bracelets. However roman jewelry was highly influenced by the empires that they had conquered.

I was also affected by trade with the communities which they had connections with. The roman jewelry includes very detailed ornaments compositions. For instance, rings were used as a symbol in the ancient Rome. The ornamental roman jewelry was mostly worn by women as a mark of high status. Mostly they were adorned on the hands .once people saw your hands glittering then they knew you had a high status. The jewelry from homepage was worn on the ears, arms, and hands. It will depend on the occasion. This ancient Roman jewelry and fashion design also included amulets, talismans and also seal rings. There were also the hoop and cameo earrings which were introduced during old Roman times. The cameo pendant has even today become a classic and traditional piece in roman wardrobes for women and even other states.

During the Augustan age, there was the ancient Roman glass jewelry. This glass jewelry was used with such freedom. The people who used to buy these design glass jewelry were very conservative politically. It was very much valued and would be used in royal places. There was also the gold beads that was designed in the ancient Rome. These were beautifully shaped creating images of animals and flowers. This would be used as a mark of wealth and would found only with the rich. Silver was also used in crafting. It was expensive and afforded by nobles. Other cheap jewelry in Rome was made from natural stone and also bones. Bronze was also used in the crafting. Some of the rings which were made of gemstone sometimes were used with wax. There is also filigree that is still popular today and is being used as costume jewelry. It looks like gold fashion. Ancient Roman jewelry is even valuable and in use to date. You may go here to learn more.

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